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Air Quality Testing - Mold

What Is Mold?
Molds are microscopic organisms found virtually everywhere, indoors and outdoors. Most people think that mold is slimy, blackish-green discolorations that gradually increases in size, but found only in dirty, unkempt homes or apartments. The truth is, mold and spores can flourish in sparkling clean environments as well.

Where Mold Can Be Found.
We’ve all seen mold; ugly stains of white, orange, green, brown and black spreading on walls, floors and other surfaces. But the most dangerous mold is the mold we can't see. Mold and mildew is inside your sink and dishwasher cabinets and probably in your bathrooms and laundry areas. There is an 86% chance of mold growing somewhere in or on your refrigerator. It’s nestled into the microscopic crevices of clothing, furniture fabric and in your carpeting. There is little doubt that mold spores exist in your heating and air conditioner system ductwork from where mold is continually dispersed throughout a home or building looking for a place to “plant” it’s self and grow. It can be found in your window sills, basement, crawl space and attic, office desk, indoor plants, kitchen counter space, on the TV, in your fireplace and countless other places.

Should You Be Concerned About Mold in Your Home or Office?
Yes! Eventually, mold will destroy whatever it grows on. It can ruin furnishings, destroy cabinets and cause serious damage to the structural elements in your property. Mold is extremely durable and adaptable. It can survive in the harshest conditions and is resistant to even the strongest disinfectants and bleaches. Eliminating leaks and moisture can slow the spread of mold, but testing to determine the type of mold is the first responsible step in creating an effective action plan.

Concerns About Mold Problems.
Are you concerned about indoor mold exposure or are in question about a possible mold colonization problem? ACCUspect Home Inspection Services is equipped and available to evaluate and assess your individual conditions. Our mold inspectors can conduct mold sampling and test to give you comparative baseline analysis for an accurate snapshot of what is in the air you breathe.

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