We’ve owned several homes and have gone thru several inspections, this was the best one! Outstanding Accuspect!

Laurie G.

I’ve worked with Accuspect on many property inspections and they always do a thorough and exceptional job. I recommend them to all my clients and friends regularly!

Jen Furlong

Hy was such a reassuring force in the house purchasing process. As first time home buyers, we weren’t sure what to expect, by Hy walked us through all the nitty gritty details about the condition of the home, patiently answered our questions, and helped us understand what was a must fix / should fix / could fix, which helped us determine how to best apply our budget. Would recommend Accuspect and Hy to anyone needing a home inspection!

Madeleine Hurd

Hy is very patient and a great educator putting my buyers at ease. He is not an alarmist, but always looking out for my clients best interest.

Susan Sondag

Hy’s thorough explanations of not only the issues found, but also of the appliances themselves, gave me a firm understanding of the unit, and the comprehensiveness of the report gave me security in knowing everything covered during the inspection had been documented. Additionally, the free unlimited lifetime phone consultation is comforting and added substantial value to the inspection.

Trevor DeSilva

I highly recommend Accuspect Home Inspections We were so happy with our inspection. The Seve did an amazing and thorough job. He is very knowledgeable and was able to explain everything clearly! Thank you Accuspect!

Ilana Perl

It was very professional and Hy brought up a lot of ideas and observations that I would never have known.

Ryan S.

I was able to call the inspector the next day with additional questions. I appreciated his availability and flexibility as well as thoroughness, knowledge, and professionalism.

David B.

As this is our first home purchase and inspection, I don’t know how useful this information is quite yet. I understand that walls aren’t possible to break or see inside, and if there is furniture obstructing certain views, the inspector can’t make fully accurate conclusions. I’m hoping that the report overall provides a good/accurate snapshot of the condition of the house, but time will only tell. My fingers are crossed, though I know people who have had issues despite clean inspection reports.

Megha R.

Did a great job! Your inspector was courteous and patience he answered all my questions. Did a thorough job and made a point of talking me thru the major issues without be alarmist. Highly recommend.

Zachary B.

The inspector was very professional and explained everything he was looking at and why it was important to the inspection process. He also ensured that as first time home buyers we were educated and made us feel comfortable with the responsibilities of ownership. He explained why and how to most appropriately clean/take care of appliances. The reports after the inspection were incredibly detailed. He was wonderful and I would recommend him to anyone.

Laurie C.

I loved that he walked me through everything; it made me much more comfortable with my condo purchase. I thought I learned valuable things about home ownership and the maintenance I will be required to do.

Courtney N.

Extremely professional and knowledgable. I really enjoyed how things were thoroughly explained. I’m sure this is communicated all the time, but I learned so much about my apartment! I only wish I had this information 9 years ago!

Katherine M.

Hy from ACCUspect was Amazing! He was extremely thorough and took so much time in inspecting every aspect of the Condo for my client!

Not only did he explain everything during the inspection, additionally, the final inspection report was so detailed, with pictures, explanations, advice, etc… that my client just raved about how impressed and happy he was that he had ACCUspect do the Inspection!

As a Realtor, I would only choose ACCUspect & am confident enough to recommend them always!!!

Esther P.

Inspection was great. Was really impressed with how in depth the inspection was as well as the maintenance instructions.

Lucas H.

John did a fabulous job. He took his time and explained everything thoroughly. He made us feel like we really understood the house we were about to buy! Thank you, thank you!

Eve K.

Very thorough. Learned a ton about all the home systems and feel comfortable with the inspector’s determinations.

Brett M.

Very informative, a wealth of knowledge. Inspector was very methodical and had a professional eye for detail and honest reporting. Each picture told a story.

Asher D.