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Drone Inspections

ACCUspect Home Inspection Services stays on the cutting edge of technology to ensure your peace of mind to our clients. We utilized an unmanned aircraft vehicle or UAV, quadcopter also known as a drone. This tool is essential for those larger homes and more challenging rooftops where the roof is too steep or high to physically walk on. Drones also allow inspection of blocked access areas or those areas that would be difficult or impossible to reach on foot. Instead of disclaiming those areas, we fly our drone.



Live on-site video and clear post-inspection photos expose roof issues such as leaks, moisture, punctures, blow-offs, tenting, billowing, ponding water, improper repairs, shrinkage, blistering and more. These benefits can help you save money and time when negotiating with insurance companies or planning your next real estate acquisition.

While the use of drones is not yet commonplace in the home inspection industry, few companies are integrating these unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) into their everyday routines. Drone operators must pass a certification test given by the Federal Aviation Administration and must meet all the requirements outlined in Part 107, the regulations applicable to small drone flight. Our Chief FAA Licensed UAV Pilot happens to be a former Airline Pilot as well.

Our drone takes high-quality 4K images of rooftops and other hard-to-reach areas of the property. These photos record the details of a roof far better than the human eye could capture. The photos are incorporated on-site into the inspection report. This process assists the inspector to perform his job in an effective and safe manner.


“Our drone is another tool. We’re constantly looking for new technology that helps us deliver better and more concise information to our customers,” says Hy Naiditch President of ACCUspect Home Inspection Services, Inc. Greater Chicago land Area.

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