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Top 10 Home Defects Found

By: Hy Naiditch President ACCUspect Home Inspection Services, Inc.

Knowing some of the most common items that a home inspector finds allows you to be a well-informed buyer. On most inspections, our Licensed Home Inspectors typically discover 35-50 items that are in need of correction. The following is a list of the 10 most frequently found items:

  • Electrical safety issues were noted to the electrical panel, as well as in the branch wiring.

  • Water seepage into the basement is caused by exterior grading and/or lack of water diversion.

  • Roof leakage due to improperly installed, or poorly maintained flashings.

  • Deterioration of the shower walls as well as the substrate behind the tile.

  • Structural issues related to improper construction, or alterations.

  • Roofing material failure due to age and deterioration.

  • Reduced water pressure caused by a range of items such as a clogged faucet filter to the need for complete replacement of the water pipes.

  • Fire safety issues such as stored items in a furnace room, extension cord wiring, improper dryer venting, and a dirty fireplace chimney.

  • Heating and Air Conditioning systems and their inequities due to age and workmanship, or lack of service.

  • Termite or other wood destroying insect damage, due to the local environment and conducive conditions.


ACCUspect strongly encourages homebuyers to attend the inspection and follow along with the inspector. During our 2 ½ to 3 hour inspection, not only will you learn about your new home, but you will also learn about its operation, preventative maintenance issues, the location and usage of emergency shut-off valves, and much more. We will also explain the possible cause of the defects that are found as well as the remedies to repair them. With ACCUspect’s assistance, you’re guaranteed the knowledge to make a well-informed buying decision!

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