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Fall Maintenance


  • Inspect roof material and flashings for signs of damage or leaks.

  • Clean gutters and downspouts.

  • Inspect exterior caulking and re-caulk as necessary.

  • Clean debris away from the foundation.

  • Trim bushes, shrubs, and trees away from the house.

  • Drain water from outdoor faucets and pipes. Drain, remove & store hoses.

  • Clean and store patio furniture.

  • Core aerate and fertilize the lawn.

  • Sharpen lawnmower blades, and add a fuel stabilizer to the gas tank.

  • Clean, sharpen, and oil garden tools.

  • Check that the snowblower is in working order.

  • Replace screens with storm windows (if applicable) or lower windows on
    triple track storm/screen systems.


Heating & Cooling

  • Have the heating system serviced.

  • Replace the humidifier pad and clean the unit.

  • Turn on the water to the humidifier, set the humidistat as required, and
    open its air damper.

  • Turn off the Air Conditioner circuit breaker at the electrical panel.

  • Change or clean the furnace filter.

  • Turn on the pilot light to the gas log fireplace and furnace (older model

  • Water heater-drain water from the bottom spigot until clear of sediment.

  • Flush out the Pressure Relief Valve.

  • Replace the batteries of the electronic programmable thermostat.



  • Check weather stripping around windows and doors and repair if

  • Check windows/doors for proper operation and verify they are closing

  • Have the fireplace cleaned and checked by a Chimney Sweeper.

  • When changing the clocks back for daylight savings time, replace the
    batteries with smoke and carbon monoxide detectors and test operation.

  • Vacuum around the detectors and sensors.

  • Inspect fire extinguishers.

  • Test all GFI outlets by pressing the Test button. The button should pop out
    and the power to the outlet should go off. Press the reset button and the
    power to the outlet should go back on.

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