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  • Inspect exterior caulk, and re-caulk if needed.

  • Clean up debris away from the home.

  • Turn on the water to the outside faucets, and connect the garden hoses.

  • Clean gutters and downspouts, and verify that rainwater flows away from
    the foundation of the house.

  • Clean out basement window wells and areas under the deck.

  • Clean out any exterior floor drains.

  • Inspect vents, chimneys, and other areas for birds or insect nests.

  • Tune up the lawnmower and add a fuel stabilizer to the snowblower gas tank.
    Power rake and fertilize the grass and necessary.


Heating & Cooling

  • Turn on the Air Conditioner circuit breaker at the electrical panel.

  • Unplug and turn off the humidistat to the humidifier, and close the damper.

  • Service the Air Conditioning unit when outside temperatures exceed 70 F.



  • Turn OFF furnace or fireplace pilot lights (if applicable)

  • Test the sump pump and check for leaks before the spring thaw.

  • Add distilled water to the battery backup sump pump (if applicable).

  • Have the flood control system serviced prior to the heavy rains
    (if applicable).

  • Clean windows, replace storm windows with screens, repair as necessary.

  • Change or clean the furnace filter.

  • When changing the clocks forward from daylight savings time, replace the batteries with the smoke and carbon monoxide detectors and test operation.

  • Test all GFI outlets by pressing the Test button. The button should pop out and the power to the outlet should go off. Press the Rest button and the power to the outlet should go back on.

  • Water heater-check hot water temperature and adjust the thermostat as necessary. The temperature should be below 125 F.

Spring Maintenance

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