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  • Inspect the roof for damage or leaks.

  • Verify that the coils to the outside Condensing Unit are clean. Wash down
    with a hose if needed.

  • Garage door-verify that the auto-reverse mechanism and the electric eye
    operation are working properly. Oil springs and grease the door rollers.

  • Scrape and paint portions of the exterior as needed.

  • Remove plants/roots that are touching the exterior of the house.

  • Seal off any small exterior holes that can lead to pest bug infiltration.

  • Power wash wood decks and stain as necessary.

  • Make sure the exterior grade to the soil slopes away from the home, repair
    as necessary.



  • Pour hot soapy water down seldom used drains to prevent sewer gas

  • Inspect sink drains and shut off valves for signs of corrosion or leaks.

  • Check that toilets are secure, and the water fill valve is shutting off after
    the toilet tank fills up.

  • Spray all shut-off valves with WD40 and exercise the valves.

  • Clean out faucet aerators and showerheads.

  • Inspect caulking around sinks, showers & bathtubs. Re-caulk as



  • Change or clean the furnace filter.

  • Test smoke and carbon monoxide detectors.

  • Clean bathroom exhaust vents and grills.

  • Check windows operation and reglaze if needed.

  • Clean and lubricate sliding door tracks.

  • Vacuum out the dryer's discharge duct.


  • Test all GFI outlets by pressing the Test button. The button should pop out
    and the power to the outlet should go off. Press in the Rest button and the
    power to the outlet should go back on.

  • Check for frayed appliance cords.


  • Monitor basement humidity «50%) -install a dehumidifier if needed.

  • Inspect the basement for seepage, repair as necessary.

Summer Maintenance

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